What is the treatment for tongue fungus?

What is the treatment for tongue fungus?

Oral fungus causes the appearance of prominent white, creamy-looking dots on the tongue and inside the cheek, and it may reach the tonsils and esophagus, causing pain and difficulty swallowing in addition to itching, and sometimes it causes a rise in body temperature.

Oral fungus appears as a result of an imbalance between the beneficial bacteria and the fungi naturally present in the mouth (Candida albicans) due to factors that weaken the beneficial bacteria and the fungus overwhelms them. Penicillin - and its misuse, as well as the use of cortisones, not cleaning the teeth well, especially after eating sweets, diabetic patients may also suffer from oral fungus, lack of body immunity for one reason or another, vitamin (B12) deficiency, and others. Fungi can also be transmitted from child to child. Breastfeeding mother.

Before we discuss the treatment, we must know how to prevent fungus:

First: Use antibiotics correctly and for the purposes for which they are used.

Second: brushing the teeth well and taking care of them.

Third: not to eat too much sweets.

Fourth: Staying away from anxiety and stress, which in turn may cause a decrease in immunity.

Fifth: Avoid smoking.

Sixth: The child can be given water after drinking milk, as this will remove the remaining milk inside the mouth, and thus reduce the chance of mouth fungus appearing.

treatment :

First: The most important step in treatment is the use of antifungals, which are available in the form of oral gel, and in the form of oral drops for children. In the form of an oral gel, fluconazole or itraconazole in the form of capsules, and in advanced cases where these fungi reach the esophagus, amphotericin B) can be used.

Second: Use mouth rinses such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine.

Third: the use of (probiotics), as they help stimulate the body to eliminate fungi by rebuilding its defenses against the abnormal sleep of these fungi. And probiotics are found in milk and are also sold in pharmacies in the form of capsules, as they help in the process of digestion.

Oral fungus is not considered a serious disease, as it can be treated and cured, but it is considered dangerous for those who suffer from immunodeficiency because it is difficult to control. Follow the guidelines for prevention and adhere to the treatment instructions prescribed to you.

And don't forget to ask your doctor or pharmacist to get the right treatment.

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